Welcome to the new site

I'm dragging myself into 2015 with a lovely new website, which is this website that you're on right now. 2014 was great - the first People Poems EP ('Monologues') was released, which you can download for free (or a donation of your choice) here, and you can watch some videos of the launch gig here.

Drawing Hands' first record was also released in autumn, which you can download, again, for free or a donation of your choice here.

2015 has started with a bang with the recording of Kasseldown Quintet's first album, at this point tentatively titled 'Things That Happen At Sea'. We're really excited to be working with James Hamilton under the umbrella of his label New Jazz Records (who also recorded/released Drawing Hands' album). Many thanks also to LCoM for their support, and for helping us document the occasion. Expect a release later this year.

The next thing that's happening is the recording of a 2nd People Poems EP, though this has been delayed slightly by an incident involving the meeting of a dog, a pint glass, and my left hand. Never fear though - all motor function has been retained, and normal service will resume shortly.

Happy new year!